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News Dark Mode Beta, Family Crests, and more to come.

on 27/2/2018, 5:55 pm
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Made a separate post so it can be specifically stickied for now.

Dark Mode

There is a sort of "beta" for the Dark Mode that anyone can use, it's not done and there are a lot of problems but we are working out these fixes over time.
For now, it's better than nothing so if you want to check it out, please feel free to do so.

Dark Mode Beta, Family Crests, and more to come. Unknown

Family/Clan Crests

There are also Family Crests coming soon, more about this will be added as functionality for it is also added.
(Thank you to @Orson Welles for the crest images!They are from game files, themes, and some websites, so we appreciate that you went through the effort of putting it together.)

Dark Mode Beta, Family Crests, and more to come. B0c8d1eb53

Thanks again to @CREEPnCRAWL for putting so much effort into the forums and adding various things, there is more to come and I just thought I'd give you a little update since the Dark Mode does seem available for everyone to use!

Update: Dark mode beta has been disabled for now.

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